Boost Your Immunity with Herbal Tea

At this time of year when changing weather patterns can create physical imbalance in our bodies, my friends are always wondering how to prevent and stave off early colds, sinus infections, or the flu? Herbal Tea Direct to the rescue! Brew yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy a healthy season.

Herbal Tea Direct Herbal Immune Booster Tea is a special blend of traditional Chinese natural tea with Dokudami, also known as Houttuynia Cordata, which is a plant that has a lengthy history as a healing agent. The plant itself can be found in many Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and southern China. It grows mostly in moist, darkened areas and can be found at all times of the year, in any season.

Houttuynia has a number of health benefits known in Asia and considered as a "cure-all" medicinal herb. If taken internally, it is believed to help with the following: cervical infection, coughing, enteritis, gastritis, infected sores, cystitis, chronic bronchitis, lung abscesses, pharyngitis, snakebites, urinary infections, and tumors. If used externally, it can be used for abscesses, analgesic, bone growth simulation, boils, diuretic, snakebites, swellings, hemorrhoids, mild laxative, urinary antiseptic, and detoxification. Now some of that is probably legendary folklore, but there have been studies conducted that add some scientific backing to how Dokudami functions as a medicinal herb.

How does Immune Booster Tea boost the immune system?

It does this by increasing the amount of lymphocytes, a white blood cell, that is made. Back when SARS outbreak was in China, Houttuynia was selected as one of eight aids to help treat it. It can help treat an infection within 24 hours of receiving an injection. Another thing Houttuynia can do is reduce swelling, which is due to it reducing inflammation.

One of the health benefits of Houttuynia which has science behind it, is that it can help fight asthma, as well as allergies. These disorders are both caused by too much histamines being released. It can also remove free radicals from the body that are not supposed to be there, ones that come from processed food, pollution, and chemicals in water. Free radicals are believed to cause cancer and speed up aging. Houttuynia has also been found to fight off bacteria that are harmful to the body. It is especially useful in fighting off two types of bacteria that cause acne.

Brew yourself a hot cup of Herbal Tea Direct Immune Booster Tea and enjoy a healthy season.


Herbal Tea Direct Herbal Immune Booster Tea

Rick Williams
Rick Williams


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June 30, 2015

I read that Houttuynia Cordata has been used in Japan to counteract the effects of radiation.

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