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The main ingredient in Herbal Tea Direct tea blends being Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee, a new item of Rosaceae Rubus (Chinese sweet tea leaf) it is known to be a decent weight loss aid in part due to suppressing the formation of body fat and in part due to its sweetness helping with food cravings.

Rubus suavissimus is a small fruit bearing plant that is sometimes called Ten-Cha (Japan) or Chinese Sweet Leaf (China). Ten-Cha is actually a generic term for sweet Chinese teas in Japan.

Sweet Tea Leaves

Sweet tea has been used in China and Japan to improve symptoms of sickness and to aid the body in clearing mucus (coughing), clearing a fever and improving appetite or weight loss.


Scientific Weight Loss Study

Rubus suavissimus at 3% of the diet (maximum dose of 220mg/kg) over nine weeks in rats fed a high fat diet did not influence food intake yet reduced weight gain (22%) and fat mass gain (48%) relative to high fat control, reaching a final body weight comparable to the low fat fed control.

The lone rat study noted pretty much an inhibition of the fat gain associated with a high fat diet in rats (being comparable to the normal chow control) suggesting a relatively potent anti-obese effect. Cholesterol was significantly reduced by 50%. Medical Publication Reference


Sweet Tea Leaves plus the added herbal ingredients of Herbal Tea Direct tea blends will nourish your insides and assist in reaching your health or weight loss goals.

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Let’s take a look at our other ingredients in HTD Herbal TeaTox Tea!

– Cassia is a Chinese herbal medicine to assist in cleansing the liver, kidney and eliminate rheumatism and help improve eyesight. Cassia also contains a variety of vitamins and rich in amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and other health functions including having a good effect on constipation. Clinical experiments show that drinking cassia tea can also prevent blurred vision, lower blood pressure, reduce blood fat and reduce cholesterol.

Radish seed
- With detoxifying properties, radish seeds are beneficial for healthy stomach and liver. They help to purify the blood and flush out toxins and wastes. Radish seeds or daikon seeds have been used for centuries to treat various health problems. They help to relieve indigestion, reduce fatigue and cleanse blood and the body. They can be effectively used to cure migraine headache, sore throats, edema, congestion and hangovers. They are also beneficial for bloating, diabetes, acne and cellulite. Radish seeds are helpful to improve immune kidney function, boost immune system and enhance blood circulation.

Mulberry Fruit
Mulberry fruit
- Contains health promoting phyto-nutrient compounds like polyphenol pigment antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. Mulberries are a great blood fat purifier and  improves blood circulation. Mulberries are rich in fiber which improves digestion thus prevent constipation.

Flos Sophorae
Flos sophorae
- A Chinese herb also known as Huai Hua. The herb is bitter in flavour and assists in cleansing the liver, stomach and large intestine channels.



Try a combination of Herbal TeaTox, Green Tea Capsules & Matcha for best results! Also see our blog on 7 Matcha weight loss strategies.




With nature in every sip™ reach your health or weight loss goals with Herbal Tea Direct Herbal TeaTox Tea.

*DISCLAIMER - Always consult your doctor or medical professional. Herbal Tea Direct does not claim or has not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases from our Herbal Tea range.

Rick Williams
Rick Williams


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