A lung cleanse can dramatically improve your health

Improve your health and boost your immune system.

Your lungs are the primary points of contact with the air that surrounds you which goes directly into your body.

It's alarming what we breathe in each day with the amount of chemicals from our homes, cars, commutes, cleaning products, and places of business. We are constantly breathing in pollutants.

Every day we breathe in around 15,000 liters of air – that's around ten liters every minute! How does this pollution affect our lungs?

When we breath in toxic chemicals, they can go directly into our bloodstream or damage the cells lining our airways and inflames our airways like a bad sunburn.

When we breathe smoke, mold, spores, pollen, dirt and dust, commute pollution they stick to the bronchi, making it more difficult to get the oxygen we need.

Fortunately, whether you’re experiencing the negative effects of inhaling toxins, or simply want to ensure your lungs are always at peak performance, nature has provided a number of herbs that provide deep nourishment for the respiratory system.


Herbal Tea Directs Lung Cleaning Tea is specially blended with herbs that support lung health by offering some of the following benefits:
  • Helps break up and expel chest congestion
  • Soothe irritated airways
  • Relax the muscles near the upper respiratory system to quell a cough
  • Calm the release of histamines
  • Fight the harmful organisms that can produce upper respiratory problems
  • Rich source of antioxidants and reduce oxidative damage and redness

Let’s take a look at our ingredients in HTD Lung Cleaning Tea!

Green Tea - A review of 22 studies on tea confirms the lung benefits. People who drank the most green tea had a 22 percent lower risk of lung cancer. See more information on Herbal Tea Directs Sweet Tea Leaves.

Loquat leaf  - Loquat is commonly used in Chinese medicine for soothing the throat and is a popular ingredient for cough drops. The leaves act as a demulcent and an expectorant, as well as to soothe the digestive and respiratory systems. See more information on Wikipedia.

Olive leaf – Providing antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects and is 400% higher than vitamin C. See more information on Wikipedia.

Orange Peel - Orange peels are rich in flavonones, powerful antioxidants that help reduce oxidative damage and fight free radicals. Orange peel assists the lungs in cleansing themselves with its redness and histamine reducing properties and actions.


Check how healthy your lungs are by taking the Lung Foundation interactive Lung Health Checklist.


With nature in every sip™ nourish your lungs with a warm cup of Herbal Tea Direct Lung Cleaning Tea.

Rick Williams
Rick Williams


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