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The Health Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji, goji berry, or wolfberry is the common name given to the small red fruit Lycium barbarum, from the family Solanaceae.

Goji berries are a well-known traditional Chinese medicine1 and are widely consumed in China. They are now gaining popularity as a nutritional health supplement by the rest of the world.

In Tibet, Goji Berry has been used for 1,700 years. The healers on this area used berries as one of the main ingredients to cure several ailments such as high blood pressure, for blood cleansing, problems of the liver, kidney problem, high cholesterol level, allergies, chronic diseases, eyes-problem, skin disorder, tuberculosis and diabetes. The people in Tibet lived for more than 100 years, same in the surrounding area because they usually eat the Goji Berry and used it as a healthy tonic. It is no surprise they celebrate an annual celebration for having Goji Berries in their lives.

The taste of Goji Berry is slightly aromatic for it’s a bit sour to sweet and the taste doesn’t change even when dried - which becomes chewable and same as the shape of raisins.




Goji Berry have a wide range of nutrients that are listed below

    • Abundant with antioxidant carotenoid, which is the same as beta-carotene - better than carrots, and protects the eyes because of zeaxanthin;
    • Rich in iron, anti-aging compound and enhance immune system;
    • It has gained the name “Happy Berry” for it contributes to optimism and well-being;
    • It is rich in minerals like germanium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and selenium;
    • High in antioxidants;
    • Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2 and B6;
    • It also has an anti-inflammatory agent beta sitosterol that can lower cholesterol;
    • It can regulate hormones and help shed excess fat because it contains omega 6 linoleic acid;
    • It helps to lower heart risks.

 A great way to benefit from the great benefits of the goji berry is to take one capsule of our Green Tea & Goji Berry Extract Capsules two to three times a day.