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August 30, 2017


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Introducing bulk 1kg Regular Matcha and 450g Regular Organic Matcha

Due to high demand from all of our Matcha lovers out there we have added our 1kg bulk regular packs to our retail website.  Normally only sold direct to distributors and cafes our retail clients can now enjoy our great Matcha at a great bulk price.

This a great way to save especially if you love to cook with our great tasting matcha.

Please be quick as this batch only arrived this week fresh from Japan and it has almost already sold out.

We have also now expanded our range adding a new bulk 450g Regular Organic Matcha option along side our 450g Regular Bulk Matcha pack.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we look forward to providing an expanding range of exciting products in the near future and will work hard to provide "direct" from source savings for the highest quality products.

Green Tea Health Benefits

The legend of green tea started in 2737 BC, in the era of Emperor Shen Nung who is popularly known as the “Divine Healer”. He accidentally blew a few tea leaves into his boiling hot drinking water, which gave a captivating aroma, from then on he began to drink that same mixture, and started to promote the well-being and good health benefits. Green tea spread throughout China and Japan, and they have been drinking it ever since to promote good health.

Today, green tea extracts continuously prove its health benefits. Made from unoxidized leaves which contains the benefit of Polyphenols and antioxidants.

The Polyphenols also known as Flavonoids or Catechins, found in green tea are abundant in antioxidants or Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). The EGCG is very rich in Vitamins C and E to protect cells and DNA from the free radical damage connected to various health problems.

Through the years green tea has been shown to deliver a positive health benefit such as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, cardiovascular, anti-cancer, metabolic, hematologic and neurological effects.

It is no surprise that it has gained popularity in Australia and the world. Drinking tea has become a healthy lifestyle activity. Here are some more advantages that you’ll gain drinking green tea:

- Extra energy;

- Refresh, calm and enlighten;

- Promote health;

- Fat burning;

- It can aid in the control of bleeding and healing wounds;

- Aid digestion;

- Improve heart and mental health;

- Regulate body temperature;

- It has the potential positive effects to improve liver conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer prevention;

- Heart benefits due to the  compounds it contains that protect the cardiovascular system;

- Lower cholesterol levels because green tea can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol;

- Help lower stroke risk;

- Research studied show green tea’s promising positive treatment of cognitive impairments associated with neuro-psychiatric disorders, such as dementia.


New evidence for how green tea and apples protect health

The Institute of Food Research has published a new study that adds more to the growing body of evidence that certain compounds found naturally in foods have specific effects that help prevent chronic diseases. They have uncovered a mechanism by which polyphenols in green tea and apples affect a key signalling molecule, which could explain other studies that have shown how polyphenol-rich foods reduce risks of chronic diseases.

Green Tea Apples


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April 25, 2015


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March 10, 2015


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Do I have to worry about radiation from Fukushima?

No, our producer has conducted extensive testing on every shipment.

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March 09, 2015


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How to store matcha?

Matcha is very delicate. It doesn’t like heat, it doesn't like air, and it doesn’t like light. Once it is ground, the clock on its shelf life starts ticking.

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March 08, 2015


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Matcha and Caffeine

This combination of caffeine + phytonutrients + antioxidants + amino acids produces an unusual effect on matcha drinkers  an uncanny ability to focus and be productive over an extended period of a few hours

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