Herbal Tea Direct fresh Japanese Matcha is sourced “direct” from Japans finest producer in the Southern Japan region of Kyoto. Made from shade grown, hand picked, quality graded tea leaves, dried and stone ground into matcha powder which is freshly milled to order from our producer ensuring the freshest, most vibrant matcha possible.

Best Fresh Tasting Matcha in Australia or your Money Back!

Boosts metabolism - Increases focus & energy - High in antioxidants - Boosts your immune -  High levels of HGCgs

Regular: 100% second harvest A grade tea leaves fresh milled for quality healthy smoothies, shakes, cooking, ice creams, beauty soaps and mud masks.

Premium: First and second harvest tea fresh milled for your daily green tea latte, smoothies and shakes with a vibrant green colour.

Ceremonial: 100% of the first harvest tea packed full of nutrients. Top notch ceremonial grade with rich green colour ideal for tea ceremonies or serious matcha lovers.

Pinnacle: Like nothing you have ever tasted, specially grown rare Pinnacle grade matcha is for the serious matcha lovers.

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