Japanese Matcha Regular Grade 100g/3.5oz

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Herbal Tea Direct fresh Japanese Matcha Regular Grade is sourced “direct” from Japans finest producer and milled to order ensuring the freshest, most vibrant Matcha possible.
Cooking Matcha

Regular grade is ideal for cooking, smoothies, shakes, ice creams and beauty soaps and mud masks.

  • Super high in catechins antioxidant (137 X that of regular green tea)
  • One serving of Herbal Tea Direct Matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of regular green tea
  • Raises energy levels, boosts metabolism, improves focus and clarity
  • Contains 100 X 1g servings
  • Catechins are antioxidants only found in green tea
  • 61% of catechin content of matcha is EGCg
  • EGCg is the catechin with the broadest and most potent cancer-fighting properties

How much EGCg is in a single serving? One gram of matcha contains 105 mg of total catechin content, and roughly 61% is EGCg. A single serving size is typically anywhere from 1-4 grams or 1 tsp to 1T, depending on your preference.

Best Fresh Tasting Matcha in Australia or your Money Back!

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