Organic Matcha Soap Recipe

This is a great little DIY recipe even the kids can enjoy making this recipe. 

Green tea is commonly used topically in Japan to sooth and heal the skin. Matcha makes a terrific green color and is high in antioxidants.

  1. Simple natural white soap bar …1 (Around 100g)

  2. Matcha …Moderate quantity (More than 1tsp)

  3. Honey …. 1tsp

  4. Hot water …..20ml (Soap : Hot water = 50g : 10ml)

  5. Your favourite fragrance essence (if the soap bar is fragrant free)

  6. A Smaller bowl

  7. A Bigger bowl

  8. A grater

  9. Boiling water (moderate quantity)

  10. Moulds

  1. Grate the soap bar with a grater into the smaller bowl

  2. Add hot water, matcha and honey

  3. Place the smaller bowl into the bigger bowl containing boiled water to warm up the mixture

  4. Kneed the mixture until the soap dough becomes smooth

  5. Make the dough into your favorite shapes (using cake moulds)

  6. Leave the soap (in the mould) for one day to make it completely hard.

  7. Remove soap from the mould.

    *The surface of the soap which is facing the air turns brown. You can leave it as it is or cut the surface off.

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