About Us

Herbal Tea Direct is Australian based and owned  “direct from source” importer and manufacture of bulk herbal teas and other unique herbal products. With Australian based HQ, Herbal Tea Direct blends are available for prompt postage to companies and consumers globally.

Fresh Japanese Matcha is sourced “direct” from Japans finest producer in the Southern Japan region of Kyoto. Made from shade grown, hand picked, quality graded tea leaves, dried and stone ground into matcha powder which is freshly milled to order from our producer ensuring the freshest, most vibrant matcha possible.

Matcha Process

Herbal Tea Direct tea range is grown at an altitude of up to 2000 meters in the beautiful Guangxi Province China. Hand picked from 100% natural wild sweet tea using traditional processing techniques and modern technology.

With an HAACP certified manufacturing facility, QS, ISO22000 certified and FDA registered you can be assured quality control is very high.


Herbal Tea Direct, With nature in every sip™.

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