Why Buy from Herbal Tea Direct?

I’m glad you asked, here’s why:

With our "Exclusive" Sweet Green Tea, high quality, high grade fresh tea is Herbal Tea Direct's focus as With nature in every sip™ is what we stand by. Handpicked from the farm, to production and then directly to you. We believe in the quality of our products, and our customers word of mouth recommendations. 

Why fresh with nature in every sip?

From the moment tea is picked, to the time it’s consumed, it loses more of its freshness, vibrance and quality benefits every day that goes by. A race against time, but as a small focused operation Herbal Tea Direct can provide our high quality tea direct to you.

As an online only store, Herbal Tea Direct has an advantage over the bigger companies which mass produce and harvest tea. We only order in small batches. Upon placing an order, our supplier then obtains and freshly mixes our herbal tea blends. It is then bagged, weighed and packed, sealed and stored in a cool room ready to send to us by express air courier. It then arrives two days later to Herbal Tea Direct, ready to be posted out to our customers.

This entire process from production and delivery, to nourishing our customers insides, is a matter of weeks. By ordering from Herbal Tea Direct you are buying some of the freshest herbal tea available.

With no sitting in warehouses left to die a slow death or on a store shelf mistreated, abused, left too long, then on display forever turning even the most vibrant tea or extract into a dull, stale, colourless, lifeless pile of sadness, that no amount of flashy marketing or commercials will salvage, and no amount or milk and sugar can sweeten. You can be assured Herbal tea Direct will stand by With nature in every sip™.


Herbal Tea Direct tea range is grown at an altitude of up to 2000 meters in the beautiful Guangxi Province China. Hand picked from 100% natural wild sweet tea using traditional processing techniques and modern technology.


With an HAACP certified manufacturing facility, QS, ISO22000 certified and FDA registered you can be assured quality control is a very high.


Herbal Tea Direct, With nature in every sip