Japanese Pinnacle Matcha 30g/1oz Tin

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Like nothing you have ever tasted, or ever will. Herbal Tea Direct Fresh Pinnacle Matcha Green Tea is sourced “direct” from Japans finest small co-op producer. Milled to order ensuring the freshest, most vibrant Matcha possible.

Pinnacle is so rare that we can't always guarantee supply! The most delicious and pure matcha in the world.

Gyokuro grown in the Uji region of Japan is the finest quality available in Japan or anywhere in the world. Stone milled into this pinnacle grade Matcha with a vibrant green colour providing a delicate sweetness with grassy overtones without any bitterness.

  • Super high in catechins antioxidant (137 X that of regular green tea)

    Tea Cermony

  • One serving of Herbal Tea Direct Matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of regular green tea
  • Raises energy levels, boosts metabolism, improves focus and clarity
  • Contains 30 x 1g serves

Best Fresh Tasting Matcha in Australia or your Money Back!

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